Orange Babies

Making a noise about HIV in Africa


All over Africa, babies are dying of HIV. Orange Babies helps mothers and children in their fight for an HIV-free future. Since Orange Babies was founded, tens of thousands of babies have been saved, in 20 projects in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. This all needs funding and the event of the Amsterdam Millionaires Fair was the perfect occasion to make a noise that couldn’t be ignored.

How we did it

A one off activation, in Amsterdam an especially designed monitor with a donate box with a difference was set up showing a loudly crying baby as research has shown that very few humans can ignore a crying baby, it appeals to something visceral in us. By placing donations into the box above the screen, people were able to change the baby from crying to laughing, so getting an immediate result. Of course, the change only lasted a short while before the baby began crying again, emphasising how this is an ongoing project.


The millionaires in attendance became more and more generous , knowing the event was filmed, and placed larger and larger amounts into the box in a sort of friendly rivalry. All these generous donations went to support the work of the Orange Babies foundation

The impact

This was not just about raising money but raising awareness of how the The Child Protect programme reduces the chance of HIV transmission from HIV-positive pregnant women to their babies, and how the Child Care programme by Orange Babies looks after orphans and other vulnerable children affected by AIDS. Since the campaign more people are now supporting Orange Babies through its various projects in Africa.