Who we will work with

People and brands with integrity, that understand that the world is changing fast and that big agencies are slow, unwieldy and unfit for purpose being invariably contaminated with clients that are compromised.

People with products and services that are good for the planet and good for the people, products and services that are local, global and borderless.

Who we won’t work with

We will not work with anyone whose beliefs and attitude are not in tune with our own

We will not work with animal agriculturists, fossil fuel profiteers, non-eco friendly products or brands that make money from cheap labour.

In a hypocritical era when agencies are prepared to present an eco-front to some clients, whilst continuing to discreetly profit from clients with ethically dubious products and services, we are different.

How we work with you

We’re focussed on the planet not profit, but we are not naive or amateurs. Everyone at L2M  is an experienced advertising professional who has worked over the years on every kind of account at very high levels and all over the world.

Tired of, and disillusioned by, the standard advertising agency model, we have come to Logic To Magic to actively pursue the projects that we now actively choose to work on, not the ones that are in the system and simply need doing.

To make a real difference and to go home at night feeling positive about the work and ourselves.

We want good people and great products to succeed. To partner with clients to create positive change, to do great work for them, to be on the ‘right’ side of marketing by promoting only products and services that we all, clients and creatives, believe in so that we can change the world for the better, together.

We keep the promises we make when we first meet; to be always honest with you, and with ourselves, and to always be transparent. No hidden clients, no skeletons in cupboards.

A good conversation starts with a good connection

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