When we strive to become better everything around us becomes better too

In production

The Oxford Union Debate

Logic to Magic imagined,organised and promoted the Oxford Union Debate on Climate Change. First intended for the Apollo theatre in New York, the debate was soon seen as so important that it should be held in the major world seats of learning, beginning with Oxford. The proposition is ‘This House Would Go Vegan’. A debate to test whether a global transition towards a healthy Vegan ethic and Vegan lifestyle is necessary to save the world.

A film for our future

Over the course of four years Logic To Magic has researched and written a film script to expose the lies of the farming industry and their complicity in the true cause of Climate Change via out of control animal agriculture. A beguiling mix of animation and film, a technique we call Actimation, the film has attracted interest from Hollywood stars eager to participate. Funding is being raised from major climate change organisations and progress is strong.