MTV Switch – Global warming

What’s all the fuss all About.


The world’s sea levels are rising and low lying land is particularly vulnerable to being swamped. And yet so many people around the world seem to be ignoring the danger Amsterdam is a classic example of a place that can all too easily fall victim to flooding, a dramatic example of why climate change needs to be urgently addressed.


To make the danger of rising sea levels obvious to all by a simple demonstration showing that if nothing is done it won’t just be buildings under water but humans too. The message was dramatically conveyed by creating a simple, ironic, moving message poster that appeared to be held up by a person under the canal water. In reality the hands were prosthetic and a small model submarine moved the sign around.

The impact

Shared widely on social media and the press as well as news stations.
The effect was remarkable with the event talked about not just in Amsterdam but worldwide, with many people actually thinking there was a person under the canal.