WWF Tiger

A roaring success for an endangered species


Asian tigers are in danger of extinction. Listed as “Critically Endangered,” they are hunted to meet the demands of the $20 billion a year illegal wildlife market. Their habitat has been destroyed, degraded, and fragmented by human activities.

The clearing of forests for agriculture and timber, as well as the building of road networks and other development activities, pose serious threats to tiger habitats.

If forests are emptied of every last tiger, all that will remain are distant legends and zoo sightings.


To raise awareness of the plight of tigers in a way that cuts through people’s apathy in order to bring to the public’s attention the need to give tigers secure areas to thrive and help fund the WWF’s work to protect and connect tigers’ fragile habitat through rigorous scientific analysis. And to implement strategies to help governments stop wildlife criminal networks, shut down black markets and change consumer behaviour.

The impact

Roar For The Tiger became a powerful group of films fronted by well-known celebrities that captured attention and which were aired all over TV and web to support the St Petersburg summit’s message on the need to save the tiger. People everywhere roared their own support and pledged money to help save the big cats.