Food Healers

A billion meals is just the beginning.


We can’t go on heedlessly eating meat, we can’t continue to waste precious food resources, and we can’t carry on abandoning some people to food poverty, while others have so much food they throw away their surplus. It’s enough to make any cow mad. Our task was to raise awareness of the crisis and promote a major solution – Veganism.

How we did it

We asked the spokescow we created, Vega, already famous for her climate change activism, to help us out. She committed to help us serve FREE meals to a billion people on World Food Healers Day by getting people all over the world to sign up to be a part of the mooovement. We made an animated film and website of Vega cooking with all her animal friends to spread the word to influencers across the globe.


Awareness raised and the actions of millions of people coming together to help from around the world to make World Food Healers Day a global event. People using the website to connect and help the cause, as well as viewing the Vega film online and sharing it. The combination of Vega’s winning personality, hard facts, emotional appeal and gentle humour worked far better than simple finger wagging could have done.

The impact

This is just the beginning, a billion is big but still not enough. This is an ongoing campaign to eradicate food poverty, as well as convince people that Veganism is not a lifestyle choice, but a choice for life. We aim to make our activity gain more traction all the time, with Vega now appearing in positive newspaper articles and referred to by well known activists as a cow to seriously follow.