Activation. Getting things moving. Getting things started. Getting things done.

At COP26, 2021, LogicToMagic made waves, got attention and made a difference.

We knew we had to think big to get our message across at COP26, but big ideas don’t have to cost the earth.

But it is the earth we have to save.
We had to let the world leaders know that while fossil fuels were an important issue, animal agriculture was even more important. And was being ignored. We called it The Cow In The Room. A simple play on words that worked. Soon everyone was saying it, even Government Ministers! And by the time we’d finished meat was off the menu and on everyone’s minds. We made the short film you can see here. Punchy, engaging, humorous yet serious. A film people shared across social channels, vastly increasing its exposure at no extra cost.

Our client loved that.

We Are Social

Throughout COP26 we were everywhere.

Our Cow became a balloon that floated above the crowds drawing attention from the world’s media who soon sought out our team for interview and comment

We created an Instagram account, constantly updated with our activities and our messages. From a standing start it soon amassed followers and reposts spread our message across COP26 and across the world in real time.