Climate Healers

Healing the climate with creativity


Climate Healers is at the centre of change, with its unique brand of compassionate Science.

How we did it

Climate change is the greatest threat the planet has ever seen, a possible extinction event. Our objective is to spread the Climate Healers word, that we cannot heal our world and achieve true equality with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all members of our family without transforming our top-down money game into a bottom-up money game that has equality built-in by design and promotes selflessness, generosity and activism.

How we do it

We created a logo -an expression of science with compassion at its heart. A symbol for Climate Healers demonstrating their unique brand of compassionate science.

We created a strapline, Transform yourself Transform your world.

And we created impact and attention through a unique, approachable and informative website, a lively Instagram page and activations.

The impact

At COP26 we literally stopped traffic with our inflatables. Unmissable animals in the sky drawing attention to the need to adopt a vegan lifestyle immediately and not in some distant future. We made politicians take notice, we had the mass media talk about us.